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My name is Claire Thompson and I believe that a world that is more mindful of nature will be happier, more peaceful and on the path towards a sustainable future. One of my favourite things in life is being in the wild with others, reflecting on our relationship and experience of nature and appreciating the natural world within us and around us.

I’ve always had a passion for life and authenticity – and for sharing life with others. To me the point of life (if indeed it needs a point!) is in experiencing, exploring, learning, expressing and sharing what it is to be alive – part of the natural world – always with a sense of humour along the way.

I believe that looking into nature within us and around us is the key to learning how to bring forth a happier, more authentic and sustainable world, which inspired me to become the author of Mindfulness and the Natural World and The Art of Mindful Birdwatching. 

I graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in Natural Sciences, Zoology from the University of Cambridge. Whilst at University I led an expedition to the Chilean Lake District with the aim of inspiring passion for nature conservation in others. I also spent a number of months volunteering in Latin America on wildlife conservation projects in both Chile and Mexico.

Since then, I have continued to dedicate my career to the protection of our natural world. I worked for 3 years with the World Land Trust, an international conservation organisation based in Suffolk, UK and for 7 years as a Projects Manager with BirdLife International, the world’s largest partnership of nature conservation organisations, based in Cambridge, UK.

I have explored mindfulness, meditation and yoga continuously for the past 10 years through reading and through participation in mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Buddhism courses. I have facilitated meditation classes and workshops at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and in my work for the World Land Trust and BirdLife International, working with NGOs from across the world.

Through Mindfulness of Nature, I lead mindfulness workshops, holidays and courses around the world for a variety of audiences with the aim of pursuing my passion for reconnecting people with themselves and the natural world. 

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Christopher Stokes

    Hello Claire,

    In an anthology of poetry which I chanced to buy at Waterstones at the weekend I’ve found a short poem by a contemporary Australian poet called Les Murray, entitled The Meaning of Existence. I absolutely love it, and it puts me in mind of your infectious passion for the natural world of which each and every one of us is part. Here it is, sent with warm wishes from me.

    The Meaning of Existence

    Everything except language
    knows the meaning of existence.
    Trees, planets, rivers, time
    know nothing else. They express it
    moment by moment as the universe.

    Even this fool of a body
    lives it in part, and would
    have full dignity within it
    but for the ignorant freedom
    of my talking mind.

    1. clairethompson Post author

      Thank you Christopher. I really like it alot and absolutely identify with its meaning…Thank you for sharing this.

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