Mindfulness of Nature

Workshops in & around Cambridge

To sign up for all workshops in and around Cambridge, please sign up on Meetup.com (signing up to Meetup.com is free!) or contact me directly.  All workshops are suitable for all – regardless of your experience of mindfulness.

Upcoming events include:

Introduction to Mindfulness of Nature workshops at Byron’s pool, Grantchester on:

If you’d like to get an introductory overview of mindfulness, nature and why mindfulness of nature is so important, this is the workshop for you! Through group discussions, mindfulness exercises, games and meditations – these events will focus on: Introducing mindfulness, revealing why experiencing nature is essential for well-being, enjoying mindfulness & sensory games and meditations, and exploring why being mindful of nature is essential for creating a more sustainable world.




Sensory Explorations in nature workshop at Byron’s Pool, Grantchester on Saturday 7th April 2018 at 10 am – 1 pm

In this morning workshop, we’ll explore nature within us and around us with our physical senses – involving relaxation as well as lots of fun and who knows – perhaps even reconnection with your inner child! We’ll explore different ways of seeing, listening, smelling, touching and tasting the natural world through mindfulness practices, meditations, games and discussions. Come and let go of your thinking mind for a few hours and enjoy a mindful, playful morning of fun and relaxation outdoors!




Exploring our sense of belonging in nature workshop at Byron’s Pool, Grantchester, on Saturday 14th April 2018 at 10 am – 1pm

Ever feel lonely and disconnected? Stressed, worried & lost in your thinking mind? It may be that you are in great need of a morning in touch with your natural home. This morning workshop will involve meditations, discussions, mindfulness practices and games to:

• Explore the relationship we have with the natural world
• Explore how and why we have lost touch with nature and why this is problematic
• (Re)connect with the innate bond we all have with nature
• (Re)discover and explore our sense of belonging in nature
• (Re)discover and explore how being in nature can support our well-being by leading us to feel calmer, supported and more peaceful



Exploring Kindness & Compassion in Nature workshop at Byron’s Pool, Grantchester, on Saturday 12th May 2018

Kindness and compassion are natural human experiences and there is even some evidence that spending time in nature could promote both. Compassion is usually defined as the “sensitivity to suffering in others and a commitment to take action to alleviate it”.  Our experience of kindness & compassion evolved naturally in our ancestors – in the context of the mother-child bond, the formation of pair bonds and the consolidation of social groups. Kindness and compassion are also key “attitudes” which define mindfulness. Indeed, mindfulness is about developing our compassionate, curious, open-minded awareness of our experiences of life within ourselves and around us.

When it comes to our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with all other living things, the development of kindness and compassion are vital if we are to bring forth a happier, more peaceful world, with a sustainable future.

In this workshop, through group discussions, mindfulness exercises, games and meditations, we will explore kindness and compassion why they are so important in the context of our relationship with nature – for our own well-being as well as for the well-being of all life on our planet.



Introduction to Mindful Birdwatching” workshop at Wicken Fen Nature Reserve on Sunday 18th March 2018 at 9.15 am  – 12.15 pm 

Birds can do wonders for our hearts, minds and well-being – if we simply pay them attention. They’re also a wonderful entry point to connecting with the natural world around us. Join me to discover how mindfulness can significantly enrich our birdwatching experiences- and how birds can, in turn, be the ideal inspiration for the practice of mindfulness. This workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced birdwatchers alike. No need for any knowledge of birds!


Evening ‘Meditations in the Meadows’ on Stourbridge Common to be scheduled soon (mid-April onwards). These drop-in sessions will involve meditations and mindfulness practices to  enjoy some relaxation in nature whilst enjoying the longer spring & summer evenings together!