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22nd – 25th September 2018: ReWilding the Mind  

Following on from a successful Spring “ReWilding the Mind” retreat launched in May, this 4 day retreat is timed to take place as Autumn comes into the wildwoods and mountains of Snowdonia.

This retreat will give participants an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and with the natural world in the spectacular yet comfortable surroundings of Trigonos, North Wales. This retreat will take participants on both inner and outer journeys that explore – through the practice of mindfulness and meditation – the inner quiet that allows us to perceive and appreciate the natural world more fully.

Contemporary interest in conservation in Britain, in Europe and beyond is being rejuvenated through the concept of “rewilding”. What can this mean, both for the countryside and to the people living within it? We will further explore – through mindfulness practice, discussion and through walks in the spectacular Dyffryn Nantlle – the concept of ReWilding the environment and the self as an approach to conserving and healing the natural world, as well as cultivating a more direct experience with nature. For more information and bookings, click here.

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