Mindfulness of Nature

‘Awake in the Wild’ retreat at Earthship Patagonia, Argentina

25th November – 5th December 2018 (2 to 10 days)

This holiday retreat is open to everyone – no previous experience of mindfulness  is required.

Love the wilderness? Want to feel more ‘alive’? In need of an epic, restorative and fun return to nature and to yourself? Patagonia is undoubtedly one of the most stunning wild places on the planet – the ideal location to effortlessly experience the restorative powers of the natural world! 

Treat yourself to a magical Patagonian experience at the Earthship Patagonia to discover mindfulness in nature! Join us for the full 10 days or participate for a few days only – if you’re passing through (2 days minimum – see details and costs below). This ‘down-to-earth’ retreat will simply leave you feeling more authentically connected, centred, inspired, invigorated, refreshed and above all… ALIVE.


Being mindful of life within us and around us is the secret to greater happiness, enjoyment, and peace. It’s also vital if we are to develop a more sustainable, kinder world for ourselves and all the wonderful living things we share the planet with.

Photo by Karin Pringsheim Photography

This holiday retreat hosted by Earthship Patagonia will take you on hikes through lush forests, past waterfalls and into pristine mountain lakes. It will involve mindfulness/meditation exercises, sensory games and group discussions to inspire you to notice, enjoy, explore what it feels like to be alive, part of our natural world. The warm late spring evenings will also be the opportunity to share your experiences over cosy campfires at the Earthship Patagonia with new friends!

Each day of the retreat will focus on different aspects of our relationship with nature and
experiences of the wild – with the opportunity to experience different landscapes and habitats in and around the ecolodge.

The programme will explore…

  • What mindfulness is
  • Why mindfulness of nature is essential to our happiness & well-being
  • Our relationship with our ‘own nature’ (our bodies, thoughts, emotions)
  • Our relationship with ‘nature around us’
  • A deeper connection to our senses
  • What it means to ‘Rewild’ our hearts and minds and why it matters
  • How to cultivate a wiser, more compassionate relationship with nature
  • How we can learn from nature about our own lives
  • Why mindfulness of nature is vital for the creation of a sustainable world
  • How spending time being mindful of the natural world is good for our well-being and lots of fun!


Photo by Karin Pringsheim Photography

This holiday retreat will be hosted by Earthship Patagonia – a beautiful ecolodge situated in the mellow village of El Bolsón at the foot of the Piltriquitron Mountain surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Earthship Patagonia is the result of dreams, hard work and huge innovation and creativity pursued by our host, Trenton Doyle and many of his friends from around the world – passionate about holistic self-care and environmental stewardship.

Solar panels, integrated water recycling, upcycled building materials, stunning adobe finishing, and an advanced passive solar thermal design for temperature regulation combine to offer you one of the most eco-conscious stays you can imagine. The design of the lodge focuses on green community living and supplying a healthy and holistic setting for its visitors without compromising on quality and comfort.

Meals at the lodge are all fresh, organic and local ingredients – with many of them directly sourced from their very own on-site organic garden!


Per person per day (& 1 night) – minimum 2 days stay.

  • Shared Dorm: 130 USD (95 GBP)
  • Private Room: 160 USD (115 GBP)
  • Double Private Room: 135 USD (95 GBP)


  • Breakfast (x 1), lunch (x 1) and dinner (x 1)
  • Overnight Stay (x 1)
  • 1 Mindfulness of Nature workshop (morning, afternoon and some evenings)
  • Guided hike (if planned on that day)

 Per person full 10 day retreat 25% discount.

  • Shared Dorm: 1020 USD (740 GBP)
  • Private Room: 1268 USD (913 GBP)
  • Double Private Room: 1060 USD (765 GBP)


  • Breakfasts (x 10), lunches (x 10) and dinners (x 11)
  • Overnight stays (x 11)
  • 8 Mindfulness of Nature daily workshops (mornings, afternoons & some evenings)
  • Guided hikes into mountains and forests surrounding El Bolsón

Per person for 5 days 10% discount

  • Shared Dorm: 585 USD (420 GBP)
  • Private Room: 720 USD (520 GBP)
  • Double Private Room: : 608 USD (435 GBP)


  • Breakfasts (x 5), lunches (x 5) and dinners (x 6)
  • Overnight stays (x 6)
  • 3-5 Mindfulness of Nature daily workshops depending on arrival date (mornings, afternoons and some evenings)
  • Guided hikes into mountains and forests surrounding El Bolsón

Not included in the prices are:

  • Flights & transfers
  • Insurance


There are a frequent buses which can take you to el Bolsón from towns nearby and further afield (including only a 2 hour bus ride from Bariloche).

If you fly into Buenos Aires, you can catch an internal flight (approx 3 hours) to Bariloche and a local bus to el Bolsón.


If you would like any further information or are interested in booking a place – then please get in touch with me directly at clairethompson@mindfulness-of-nature.com.