Mindfulness of Nature

Nature Connection in Huerquehue National Park, Chile

9th-14th November 2018 (2 to 5 days)

This event is open to everyone. You can join in for the full 5 days or participate for a few days only if you are passing through (2 days minimum).

Would you like to connect more authentically with yourself, others and the natural world? Are you interested in mindfulness and in our relationship with the wilderness? Or are you in need of time in a fun, open, supportive and restorative setting surrounded by stunning landscapes? If so a few days being and walking around Refugio Tinquilco at the heart of Huerquehue National Park – full of mystery, magic, freedom and beauty – may be just perfect for you! This ‘down-to-earth’ retreat will simply leave you feeling more authentically connected, centred, inspired, invigorated, refreshed and above all… ALIVE.


Being mindful of life within us and around us is the secret to greater happiness and peace. It’s also vital if we are to develop a sustainable, kinder world. There are few better places on Earth than this land of impressive ancient Araucaria forests, crystal-clear lagoons and snow-capped volcanoes to experience the power of pristine wilderness. Huerquehue National Park’s tangibly magical forests are also home to a huge diversity of fauna including the Pudu (smaller deer in the world!), the Güiña cat, the Magellanic Woodpecker, Darwin’s frog, and If you are lucky – you may even catch a glimpse of the majestic Condor.

This event, hosted by Refugio Tinquilco will involve hikes through stunning mountains and forests, swims in crystalline lakes, mindfulness exercises, sensory games, group discussions, time to yourself, and above all – lots of fun!

The programme will inspire you to enjoy, explore and share what it feels like to be alive, part of the natural world. Each day will introduce different aspects of our relationship with nature and experiences of the wilderness around Tinquilco and up into the ancient Araucaria forests of Huerquehue National Park. There will also be plenty of free time for you to explore and enjoy the surroundings at your leisure – or just relax and read a book surrounded by the sounds of nature. Throughout the retreat, we’ll explore…

  • What mindfulness is
  • Why mindfulness of nature is essential to our happiness & well-being
  • Our relationship with our ‘own nature’ (our bodies, thoughts, emotions)
  • Our relationship with ‘nature around us’
  • A deeper connection to our senses
  • What it means to ‘Rewild’ our hearts and minds and why it matters
  • How to cultivate a wiser, more compassionate relationship with nature
  • How we can learn from nature about our own lives
  • Why mindfulness of nature is vital for the creation of a sustainable world
  • How spending time being mindful of the natural world is good for our well-being and lots of fun!


The event will be hosted at the beautiful Refugio Tinquilco, 37 kms from Pucón. Surrounded by Huerquehue National Park, this 2-story lodge (with its own forest sauna to relax in after a long hike!) opened in January 1998, a dream made reality by Patricio Lanfranco, host, chef and a film/TV producer/director. Patricio sees Refugio Tinquilco as a place for people to experience and share some of Chile’s remaining wilderness – to inspire its continued protection. It’s a gathering place and a sharing place. He also aims to raise awareness of and fuel a passion for Chile’s few remaining wildernesses, in order to encourage their protection. Patricio is a fascinating host and storyteller – a wonderful guy to chat to for hours over a bottle of his best wine! His homecooked food is also delicious!

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Per person per day (and 1 night) – minimum 2 days stay.

  • Basic Cabin: 83,500 CLP$ (100 GBP) 
  • Double Private Room: 84,950 CLP$ (105 GBP)


  • Breakfast (x 1), packed lunch (x 1) and dinner (x 1)
  • Overnight Stay (x 1)
  • 1 Mindfulness of Nature workshop (morning, afternoon and some evenings)
  • Guided hike

Per person for 5 days –  10% discount

  • Basic Cabin: 375,750 CLP$ (450 GBP) 
  • Double Private Room: 382,275 CLP$ (460 GBP)


  • Breakfasts (x 5), packed lunches (x 5) and dinners (x 6)
  • Overnight stays (x 6)
  • 5 Mindfulness of Nature daily workshops depending on arrival date (mornings, afternoons and some evenings)
  • Guided hikes into different parts of Huerquehue National Park

For images and descriptions of the accommodation click here.

Not included in the price are:

  • Flights & transfers
  • Insurance


  • Flight into Santiago de Chile
  • Internal flight from Santiago to Temuco (1.5 hours) and bus (3 hours) to Pucon OR bus (9 hours) from Santiago to Pucon.
  • Short local bus trip from Pucon to Refugio Tinquilco

For a remote location, Refugio Tinquilco is remarkably easy to reach from Pucón – you can find more information about getting there here.


If you would like any further information or are interested in booking a place – then please get in touch with me directly at clairethompson@mindfulness-of-nature.com. 

On a personal note…

I first visited Huerquehue National Park 10 years ago and my life-changing experiences in the Chilean Lake District inspired my first book Mindfulness and the Natural World – as well as my career in international conservation. During this retreat at Refugio Tinquilco, I aim to inspire participants to fall in love with the sacred beauty of the Araucaria forests of the Chilean Lake District in Huerquehue – which genuinely remains my favourite wild place in the world! It has always been my dream to bring people here to experience the real, tangible magic of these fairytale forests… Claire x