Mindfulness of Nature

One-to-one mindfulness

Bringing mindfulness of nature into our lives can support our well-being, resilience, vitality, creativity and our sense of connection and belonging.  It can enhance our joyful life experiences and support us through transitions and challenges.

Mindfulness also gives us the awareness and power to choose to create changes in our lives where we feel we would like/need to.   

These 1:1 sessions can take place online via Skype wherever you are in the world – or on local green spaces in the Cambridge area – at a time and location to suit your needs.

1:1 sessions would begin with a 45 min initial chat (free) for me to find out what you are looking for and whether I could support you with this and for you to find out more about how I work and whether this would suit you.

Sessions would then cost £ 40 pounds per hour – with a maximum of 5 sessions. Personalised resources and e-mail support is available between sessions.

I lead 1:1 sessions for those who:

  • Would prefer to learn about mindfulness of nature and how to bring more mindful practices in nature into their daily lives outside of the group setting of workshops and retreats.
  • Would like to bring greater self-awareness, compassion, connection and belonging into their lives through mindful practices
  • Would like accompanying, support and guidance in approaching a particular issue, personal challenges and transitions using mindfulness-based practices in nature.
  • Have attended one of my workshops/retreats and would like to receive more personal support as a follow-up to their experience in a group setting.
  • Would like to learn how to meditate

I have a passion for authenticity, nature and aliveness and I believe that given the right conditions for ourselves – with mindful awareness in nature, gentle care and genuine compassionate listening – we can develop a greater intimacy with ourselves to begin to become who we truly are.

E-mail me for any enquiries: clairethompson@mindfulness-of-nature.com or find out more about me and my experience here.