Mindfulness of Nature


“Claire has the ability to create an open, relaxed, fun, non-judgemental setting where I felt perfectly at ease and discovered so much about the wonders of being in the wilderness”

” I am so grateful to Claire for opening my eyes and body to nature. I’ve fallen in back in love with nature. After doing 2 of Claire’s workshops I could see how I’ve needed to feel connection with nature for a long time. Our world now, somehow disconnects us from it and now I can see the reality of what we are and how we are part of nature and my world is different! I feel I’ve found my real home. I now incorporate nature into as much of my life as possible and it has made such a difference to me. I have become more mindful in every day life as a result. I would highly recommend Claire’s workshops / retreats. She has a very insightful way of looking at mindfulness and nature that is easily understood and makes so much sense!”

“Claire opened my eyes to new possibilities. I met Claire last year at an outdoor session near my home in Cambridge, a lovely morning with interesting people. Claire’s exercises were deceptively simple, but fun and thought-provoking. She is a lovely lady with an understated manner who engages the whole group. Recently I joined Claire on her retreat at the beautiful MoaAlm in Austria, a great week with more interesting people. Again the conversations she enabled added so much value. Now I intend joining her in Patagonia – both in Chile and in Argentina. A big step for someone used to package holidays in Europe! Thank you Claire.”

“I connected to nature in a whole new way during Claire’s retreat. I experienced the interconnectedness of the natural world, my sense of belonging there, and a renewed connection with my authentic self. I also had lots of fun and felt completely at ease to be who I really am. A memorable experience all round.”

“I loved Claire’s combination of meditations, discussions, games and her attitude to leading the group – with structure yet humour and flexibility”

“Claire is a lovely, gentle young lady, with a delightful sense of humour. Her delivery is clear and considered, and her voice brings peace and calm to her mindfulness and meditation practices, which are appropriate and inspirational. To sum up the course I attended…..JOY.”

“The most impressive thing was the way Claire was able to hold a group of such different people enabling us not just to get on together but to become so close and fond of each other. Through the readings meditations exercises and sharing of her passion for nature I felt a new and beautiful awareness of the connection within myself not just with nature but with our whole group. Claire’s openness made the whole experience a joy and very special”

“I loved how much we laughed, had fun, but also had deep connections with nature and thought-provoking discussions. Humour is a fundamental facet of the wild nature of people” 

“After a week of reflection I am still grateful for the opportunities Claire provided for me, using nature’s greatest gifts, to deeply be who I am. I also realised that I should contribute with presence to the natural world and not just take. I realise my wild side does not need just a knowledge base about nature. The more I get out of the mind the more connection I feel with myself and with the natural world”