Mindfulness of Nature

Mindful StoryMaking for a Better World

19th – 22nd September 2020

A 3-day workshop – hosted by Trigonos in Snowdonia which combines mindfulness, creativity and storytelling for change-makers.

The event will be co-led with Bethan John, multimedia journalist, passionate about how storytelling inspires action for biodiversity conservation and social justice (www.wildlandscreative.com).

Storytelling makes us human. Our narratives shape our personal and collective experiences, impacting and influencing our inner and outer worlds. Stories can connect and inspire. And they can divide and destroy. The way in which we relate to these narratives and shape them ultimately determines our individual and collective well-being.

Through mindfulness-based approaches, group reflections and creative writing exercises in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Nantlle valley, this workshop will explore how creative and authentic storytelling can enable us to contribute to a happier, more peaceful world that is striving to be sustainable.

The programme will begin with insights into the functions and natural patterns of the human mind and an exploration of the power of its narratives over our individual and collective lives. In an open, fun and supportive setting, participants will then be guided in developing the ability to (re)connect with their own natural creativity and imagination to build and tell their own unique stories. This process of shaping and telling our stories can not only lead to our own well-being but also has huge power to inspire action for creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

At a time where the daily narratives of unregulated growth and consumption drive environmental destruction and social inequality, we need to change the stories we live by to change the world.

So …what’s your story?

Prices include the course fee plus meals and refreshments during your stay.
Prices range from £360 – £420 depending on the type of accommodation you choose.

For all further information, bookings or to receive a copy of the full programme for the event – e-mail info@trigonos.org or contact me.

“Neither revolution nor reformation can ultimately change a society,
rather you must tell a powerful tale, one so persuasive that it sweeps
away the old myths & becomes the preferred story”

Storytelling to Myth-Making – Ivan Illich