Mindfulness of Nature

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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou

We don’t build businesses. We build people and people build businesses. Is your business concerned about staff well-being? Would you like to maintain a workforce performing to its full potential? Do you agree that a resilient and creative workforce, is essential to a sustainably thriving business?

We live in unpredictable times where creative minds are urgently needed to find ways forward for our society and businesses to thrive. Modern life is fast-paced and demanding, with our attention being sought under pressure from a multitude of channels in our personal and professional lives alike. This hinders our ability to make conscious choices about where we invest our energy – whilst draining our creativity and disturbing our focus.

There is extensive scientific evidence that experiencing nature is essential not only to our well-being, but also to our productivity, concentration and creativity. Furthermore, science has confirmed that a more mindful approach to life has similar impacts. Why? Because mindfulness practice gives us the awareness required to make conscious choices about where we invest our attention. What we choose to dedicate our attention to is of vital importance, not only to our well-being, but also to the success of our businesses.

Emerging studies looking a the impact of mindfulness practice more specifically on corporate business staff reveal results such as overall enhanced job performance and well-being – with decreased stress, increased productivity and creativity, better communication skills and enhanced decision-making skills.

In my work with businesses, I offer:

These sessions can be tailored to the specific requirements, location and timetable of your companies and businesses – ranging from 1 to 3 day “Introductions to Mindfulness of Nature” to more regular, shorter workshops and day workshops. If you are interested and would like to discuss this in further detail – please don’t hesitate to get in touch here.

  • Mindfulness in Nature & Coaching programme

This programme, run in collaboration with Trish Dooley, MA, CPCC, ACC, professional leadership coach, integrates nature connection, mindfulness practice and coaching to support businesses to maintain a sustainable, thriving workforce which honours its professional and personal core values. It combines small group Mindfulness of Nature workshops with 1:1 coaching and 1:1 mindfulness follow-up sessions. You can find more information about the programme here and download the full brochure here

“The Mindfulness in Nature sessions were a valuable addition to our company wellbeing initiative, and we received some excellent feedback from employees. Thank you, Claire!”
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