Mindfulness of Nature

Workshops in & around Cambridge

Due to Covid19 and the lockdown all events below have been put on hold for now but will be back once it is possible to hold them again.

For all events in and around Cambridge, please contact me directly for info and bookings. There are limited spaces for each event

“Bringing Our Awareness Back to Nature” with the Wildlife Trust for Cambridgeshire

4 week (half days) course on Trumpington Meadows Nature Reserve, Cambridge.

Starts again Spring/Summer 2020. 

Interested in mindfulness? Love the natural world? Keen to get to know Trumpington Meadows more intimately this spring? Join me in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust for BCN to discover how being more mindful of nature can inspire us to bring forth a healthier, happier, more peaceful and sustainable world. More details and dates to be announced soon.