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Due to Covid19 and the lockdown all events below have been put on hold for now but will be back once it is possible to hold them again.

Mindful Storymaking for a Better World

Trigonos Retreat Centre, Snowdonia, Wales

19th – 22nd Sept 2020 

Cost: From 360 GBP

Storytelling makes us human. Our narratives shape our personal and collective experiences, and impact and influence the world around us. Stories can connect and inspire. And they can divide and destroy. It is how we relate to them, and shape them, that ultimately determines our individual and collective well-being – as well as our relationship to the environment we share with other species.

This process of shaping and telling our own stories can not only support our own well-being but also has huge power to inspire action for creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

At a time where the daily narratives of unregulated growth and consumption drive environmental destruction and social inequality, we need to change the stories we live by to change the world. So, what’s your story?

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