Mindfulness of Nature

Running my first ‘mindfulness in nature’ course

Dear friends,

From the 28th May until the 4th June 2016, I will be running my first ‘Mindfulness in Nature’ holiday retreat course at MoaAlm – a recently renovated guest house at 1800m  at the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park, East Tyrol, Austria.

12032059_10101440559534310_5223364895206515612_n 12036562_10101440572283760_3846143997070193604_nI first visited MoaAlm in October 2015 to take part in a mindfulness and yoga holiday retreat.  It was not only a week of  walking in stunning  landscapes surrounded by Golden Eagles, Bearded Vultures, Marmots and Chamoix – but also the ideal place to practice mindfulness – in a relaxed and fun  home away from home’. 

At the end of my stay, my hosts, Barbara and Hubert asked if I would run a ‘Mindfulness in nature’ holiday for their guests in 2016. Mindfulness is about noticing and appreciating life within us and around us. What better place to discover it than surrounded by life at its purest: in one of Europe’s largest and wildest alpine nature reserves?


During this 1 week holiday course, I will:

  • Introduce mindfulness through theory and practice
  • Reveal why practicing mindfulness of the natural world is important for our happiness and well-being
  • Show how spending time in nature and watching wildlife can make us more mindful
  • Explore why being mindful of nature is essential for creating of a more sustainable world
  • And most importantly, reveal that practicing mindfulness in nature is relaxing, peaceful and lots of fun!


The week will also include daily yoga sessions,  delicious local organic food and lots of time to relax and have fun at MoaAlm.

For more information please visit: http://www.moaalm.com/english/holidays/special-alpine-nature-retreat  and share widely with your friends and on social media!





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