Mindfulness of Nature

A sensory spring morning in Granchester

Dear friends,

I am excited to say that last weekend I ran my first local ‘Introduction to Mindfulness of Nature’ workshop at Byron’s pool in Granchester – a beautiful area of woodland by the river, just outside Cambridge.

Seven lovely people joined me for what turned out to be a gorgeous spring morning. The rain stopped, the clouds revealed a beautiful blue sky, and an approving little robin greeted us on the picnic bench at our meeting point!

Together we explored our sensory experience of the woodland through seeing, listening and tasting nature. The morning evolved into a perfect mix of experiences, games, reflection, discussion and laughs – and finished with a delicious pub lunch in Granchester where we continued our discussions about how mindfulness of nature has the power to make the world a happier, more peaceful and sustainable place!

My next “Introduction to Mindfulness of Nature” workshop will take place at Byron’s Pool, Granchester on the evening of the 17th May 2017 6- 8.30 pm. Get in touch if you would like to book a space to join me!

With special thanks to Jeremy Peters for providing these beautiful photos from the morning. 







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