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Trusting ourselves? How?

Dear friends,

As I mentioned in this post, you are your only teacher but here are a few practices that I’ve been exploring around trust …I invite you to experiment with them too!

  • Tuning into the body: the body is perfectly adapted to give us all the information we need to make decisions. The body knows more than we can ever know but we need to (re)learn how to listen to it. Tuning into the body regularly through a body scan is a simple way to do this. (you can find this almost anywhere on youtube or the meditation app Insight Timer)
  • Noticing the stories of the mind: the mind tells constant stories, most of them habitual, repetitive and conditioned. Exploring the stories that come into our minds during the day or through a daily meditation can be a way to get to know the habits of our minds and perhaps start to play with different responses to them?
  • Resting, listening and receiving: anything that turns down our fight-of-flight ‘alarm system’ and releases tension, anxiety and effort can allow more creative, trusting, insightful thoughts and actions to emerge. Shifting from a controlling, doing, and knowing mode to a receptive, open, listening mode is a great challenge for us all. Perhaps try the “Releasing effort” exercise in this blog or, of course, the Sit Spot!
  • Being compassionate, kind and accepting: Allowing our feelings to be experienced without judgement and acknowledging that whatever we’re feeling is perfectly natural, merely the result of everything we’ve experienced to date. It’s never any ‘fault’ or responsibility of our own. Be aware of any of the mind’s stories that may tell you otherwise.
  • Having fun and doing things you get lost in: Whatever it is we enjoy and can lose ourselves in, even in small ways, we can do more of that! It may be seeing friends, going to the cinema, painting, dancing, listening to music, writing… immersing ourselves in the flow and trust that emerges when you do these things. What happens then?
  • Spending time outdoors with the rest of the natural world: Nature doesn’t judge, it just lives what it is, moment by moment. It trusts life, beauty and difficulty and grows through them; it doesn’t resist them. Looking into nature has always been my ultimate inspiration for the value and relevance of bringing trust back into the world…

Trusting is the journey of a lifetime for every human being and patience is key but in my experience, regular practice of some of these things can begin to allow trust to grow tangibly for us all…

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences below!

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