Mindfulness of Nature

What has nature brought you during ‘lockdown’?

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you well, safe and calm.

In this week’s post, I’ve collated quotes I’ve received from you all reflecting on the question above. I hope these simple, beautiful words you’ve shared can inspire many more to feel the support of the natural world at this challenging time. It’s invaluable.

The content of this post is thus entirely yours – so thank you. And of course, it’s not too late, if you feel moved to add anything or share further, feel free add to the comments below this post!

Do share widely – and I hope reading them uplifts you as much as it did me. 🙂

“Nature has given me a sense of belonging and not being alone (a bit like turning to a parent when things get tough and you need a grown-up).” – Clare, UK

“Over the past couple of months, the Sit Spot practice has been the highlight of my day: nature all around me is untouched and unchanged, with the sweet apple tree blossom, the conversational birdsong, the deer watching from a distance, the swans swimming in the river, the birds soaring through the sky. Nature carries a reassuring energy and hope of renewal – the comfort of certainty returns to me when I am present with nature.” Grace, UK

“When I think how crazy the world is right now, how my life is full of uncertainties so I just don’t know what to do. What is there to do? I go into nature and sit and it is strong, it is doing it’s thing so beautifully, I can just be here and watch the certainty of nature and be “allowed” to rest in it’s strength and reassurance with no expectations, no “list  of things to do”, I can just “be”.” Tina, UK

“During this time, my relationship with nature has deepened. I’ve developed an increasing kinship with the natural world. Nature offers me solace, joy, awe and wonder on my daily walks Nature is a treasured sanctuary for me. I am so grateful.” Meredith, USA

“I feel Nature’s wisdom and it’s comforting – I can just rest against a tree and say “this is hard right now” and just feel held.”  Clare, UK

“After long days working from home and cooped up in the same space, I love my outdoors time and find it really grounding to connect back with mother nature. I hope that when we return to ‘normal’ it is a ‘new normal’ where we continue to appreciate and protect the planet and one another.'” Gemma, UK

“Watching the birds in particular gives me a sense of reassurance. They are still building nests and going about their business ready to create new life”. Amanda, UK

“During this difficult time, the moments where I’m on my balcony, meditating, soaking in the sun, feeling the gentle touch of the wind on my skin, listening to the sound of the birds chirping, and taking care of my beautiful little plant, have been invaluable to me. Even though I haven’t been able to spend time in nature, I feel deeply grateful for those little precious moments every day. The moments where I just close my eyes, just breathe, and feel in my soul how lucky I am to be here, to be alive.” Dila, Turkey

“I particularly enjoy the morning hours walking in nature as the light is very beautiful and there are no people around. I have been watching buds developing and noticing all shades of green whilst listening to the birds and the rustling noise of my labrador puppy. I love the spring any year, but this year, seeing its development and positivity really keeps me going.” Monika, UK

While resting (in the dunes) I had both hands on the earth beside me and for quite a long moment felt as if I stretched out over the dune and on and on without an end.  As if my hands were rooting into the soil and becoming part of the landscape. Even now as I write it brings me to tears, it was so emotional but happy, peaceful and huge.” Clare, UK (about her last post-lockdown nature outing to the seaside)

Thanks again for sharing so openly and beautifully,

Take great care of yourselves and each other,

Claire x

PS: I will be holding another Zoom meeting exploring “What has nature brought you during lockdown?” on Sunday 10th May from 4 pm-5.30 pm UK time. This online meeting is a simple opportunity for some guided meditation, poetry and discussion around our experiences in nature at this time. If you’d like to join on 10th May, please e-mail me at clairethompson@cantab.net. It’s free to attend, but there are limited spaces. 

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