Mindfulness of Nature

An Introduction to Mindful Birdwatching (28th Oct 2017)

Dear friends,

Are you a keen birdwatcher? Are you curious about mindfulness? Do you enjoy watching birds in your garden? Or have you never watched birds before?

Whatever your experience of birds or mindfulness – both can do wonders for our hearts, minds and well-being. They’re also a wonderful entry point to connecting with the natural world!

Join me at Wicken Fen on Saturday 28th October   for a morning (9.15 -12.30) workshop of birdwatching, mindfulness and fun – to discover how mindfulness can enrich our birdwatching experiences- and how birds can, in turn, be the ideal inspiration for the practice of mindfulness.

You can sign up directly here or through Wicken Fen here.

Get in touch if you have any questions at clairethompson@mindfulness-of-nature.com.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Claire x



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