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End of year Patagonian adventure!

Dear friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I wanted to get in touch before the year ends – following my silence over the last couple of months. The end of 2017 turned into an exciting new adventure for me!

For the last 10 years, I had dreamed of travelling to the South American land of Patagonia – and returning to the Chilean Lake District – which (as some of you will know from reading Mindfulness and the Natural World ) inspired my deep love of nature and my passion for inspiring others to experience the natural world.

Map of Patagonia with my itinerary in red

In November, the time was right. I took myself away for a month of travel and “mindfulness of nature” on a journey from Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world!) to Pucon (Chilean Lake District).

Dreams usually come with pretty high expectations – but I can safely say that Patagonia exceeded them all in every way.

Boundless steppe landscapes extending towards the horizon and beyond. Towering peaks – like majestic natural cathedrals – shooting up to the skies out of frozen lagoons. Wild, unpredictable winds like I have never experienced before. Ancient, fairytale forests where magic is tangible.


The infinite space and vast distances of this incredible part of the world seemed to slow the pace of time. My experience of Patagonia felt like restoring my place in the natural order of things.

There is so much more I can (and will) share on this topic in further writing but for now…I leave you with some photos of this incredible part of our planet to wish you a happy, wild end to 2017!

I am now back in the UK inspired and energised with lots of plans for new workshops in new locations in 2018!

More information in January…

Take care,

Claire x

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