Mindfulness of Nature

Summer & autumn 2019 opportunities

Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued interest in Mindfulness of Nature and for the all the comments and reflections you share on the blog – which are always greatly appreciated and inspiring. 

Every day, I feel more and more passionate about this vital need for open, compassionate, brave and honest re-connection with ourselves, each other and the rest of the natural world. These social, cultural, environmental and political times are hugely challenging for us all. I truly hope that with gentle courage, we can continue to move towards turning towards them, together, with the support of each other.

This week I’d simply like to share a few updates on summer and autumn and events and opportunities you may like to join and/or share with others who may be interested:

I also wanted to share that I’m extending my invitations to 1:1 sessions online or in person for those who feel they would benefit from a more personalised setting – whether you are new to Mindfulness of Nature or have already attended previous events. Bringing mindfulness of nature into our lives can support well-being, resilience, vitality, creativity, connection and belonging – all of which feel vital now more than ever. Find out about receiving 1:1 Mindfulness of Nature sessions in person or online here.

Finally, to find out about all local events in Cambridge, click here.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Take care,

Claire x

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